Hello to everyone reading this! My name is Jaskaran Chahal and I am super excited to share my first blog with you. Long story short, I graduated from the University of Toronto back in June and I have a lot of time to kill now. You may be wondering to yourself, “Psh, it’s just another post-grad with nothing else to do.” The crazy thing is that I know many post-grads who are just NOW beginning to pursue their passions four years later. Whether it’s related to deejaying, photography, make-up, fitness, hairstyling, or motivational speaking, they are all similar in realizing that they should have done it much sooner. The same goes for me.

I’ve always had a major interest in writing. It started back in high school when I would write short stories or poetry for fun in my spare time. But I only ever got to express my writing in my school assignments that were given an objective grade. Even throughout university, I must’ve written hundreds of essays for my sociology and history courses, yet they were always missing the passion behind them. However, I intend to change that now by writing my mind freely on this blog as if it’s a blank canvas. The topics I intend to write about will cover anything from random thoughts in my head, to poetry and short stories, to views on a particular topic, especially anything related to the film industry.

Ever since I was a kid, I developed such an immense passion for film that people used to call me crazy. There are times where I would literally drag my parents to the nearest theatre so that we could watch a movie at the first showtime on the first day of its release. Movies like Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven helped me develop other passions, such as world history, while movies like The Lord of the Rings would change the way I view fantasy forever. Over time, I started to get more technical with the way I watched movies. By that point, walking out of the theatre with friends went from saying the movie was “good” or “bad,” to “the score was phenomenal” or “the characters could have been developed more.” They would look over at me as if movies had really become my addiction and obsession. I simply love talking to people about all types of movies and their characters, plots, twists, climactic scenes, and crazy fan theories. Whether you’re a casual fan of film or an absolute die-hard, I hope you’ll find some of the things I say to be relatable and enjoyable.

Anyways, the point I was initially trying to make is that my interest and passion in writing needed to be expressed in one way or another.  I plan on updating this blog as often as I can by entertaining you all with my personal articles, opinion pieces, and general thoughts about life that will hopefully brighten up your day. Oh, and for those who are wondering, “Jazzy” Writes is a play on words referring to one of my nicknames, as well as being defined as bright, colourful, and flamboyant, which will mirror the style of my writing!