The old tree out in the park is dying
It has lived a long life and it’s not multiplying
It has witnessed kids climbing and kids crying
Cars passing by and planes flying
Put up a fight for years and it’s done trying

Every time you walk past a tree, it makes you believe
Through its trunk, roots, branches and leaves
That it is a silent guardian and does not grieve
Provides us with comfort so that we feel at ease
Watches playful kids become adults who achieve
And one day find a job, move out and leave

Life comes to an end for all, it shouldn’t be terrifying
Live it without regrets and it will be satisfying
Treat all with respect and it will be gratifying
Show the environment your love and keep supplying
And don’t forget about the old tree in the park that is dying


We should all love our Earth, respect it as our home, and appreciate all of nature

The air
The breeze
The fire
The water
The rain
The snow
The mud
The grass
The sand
The rocks
The warmth
The cold
The fog
The mist
The spring
The fall
The summer
The winter
The clouds
The moon
The sun
The sky
The animals
The plants

The trunks
The roots
The branches
The leaves
That belong to the old and dying trees