What type of person are you? Pick your shot.


Are you the type to go all in for that number one spot?
Putting in the time and practice behind every basketball shot?

Are you the type to talk behind someone’s back without getting caught?
Because your’re consumed by jealousy and envy so you take a cheap shot?

Are you the type to be marked by distress and become distraught?
Because one of your family members or friends just got shot?

Are you the type to dread work every morning and wish you won the lottery jackpot?
Possessing no positivity or happiness, only a medium coffee with an espresso shot?

Are you the type to go sky high like an astronaut while smoking pot?
Only to come back down to Earth for another tequila shot?

Are you the type to succumb to peer pressure and throw up gang signs without a thought?
Wanting to gain the money, power, and respect by spreading fear with a gunshot?

Are you the type to care if your photography skills are good or not?
While exploring the city or countryside contemplating your snapshot?

Are you the type to dance and party like Jordan Belfort on his expensive yacht?
Ignoring the fact that real life is much different than a film shot?

Are you the type to neglect your body and can’t make time for a curl, press, or squat?
Easily becoming sick, hurt, or tired and having to be injected with a medical shot?

Or are you the type to feel absolutely unstoppable like a juggernaut?
Not viewing anything as a failure but always giving it one more shot?


Life is filled with opportunities and obstacles everywhere, so always pick your shot wisely.