I’ve been absent for a minute, had to take a break
I had to find myself, had to get rid of the fakes
A lot is going on but the future seems blurry
No time to wait because everyone’s in a hurry
“Get it done right now, real quick”
No time to slow down, it’s making me sick
I used to think I had it all figured out
Then I grew up and realized what life is about
Hard work and sacrifices will only get you so far
None of it will matter if your soul is dark as tar
I’m one of the people that misses high school
The late nights, the laughs, and breaking the rules
I thought I was on top of the world back in my prime
Now I just feel conflicted and take it one step at a time
Mom said pursue what makes you happy, dad said go chase the paper
The solid foundation is there, but I still feel up in the air like vapour
Truth be told, I don’t wanna be a slave to the system
I wanna live on my own terms while spreading wisdom
I don’t discriminate against anyone because I value knowledge
Some of the geniuses of our world never even went to college
Seems like I don’t have a road map for the rest of my life
The money may be temporary but permanent is the wife
I look up to my elders for inspiration and guidance
I look up to my baby cousins because they are my diamonds

These are the people who will remember me when I fade away
Nobody’s gonna show up for you like Trump on his Inauguration Day
This one’s for all the real ones
Rest of you move aside when my wrath comes
I look down on you boys flexing for the story and the gram
Not into your fake lifestyle, I treat it like spam
Smooth and swift when I finish you – Kung Lao
You’re just a pretty little liar – Bow Wow
I look down on you girls always craving attention
You’ll never know how it feels to experience genuine affection
Can’t ever be loved if you can’t love yourself
So all see is another dusty book on the shelf
Can you sense the tension in my tone?
Don’t be offended, I’m just in my zone
I consider myself to be in a different league
I know that my lyrical wordplay makes you intrigued
Many of you claim that I disappear and go ghost
Yet you remember my birthday parties when I was the host
Being born on the first of the first had me feeling like I won a campaign
The entire world helped me celebrate with fireworks and champagne
But gone are the days of getting wasted and acting like a child
Now I’d rather just kick back and enjoy a healthy lifestyle
You can catch me at the gym, working out my stress
There’s a lot of weight on my chest, I just need to press

There are times I wish I could rewind and maintain certain bonds
But some people are meant to grow further apart like ripples in a pond
Real friends stick with you after months of no communication
Fake friends leave you behind after a moment’s hesitation
Although many memories were made with mischief and fun
I can’t change it now, it’s been said and done
A shoutout to the first-gen Canadians born in ’94
Coming from immigrant families who just wanted a little more
They experienced hard times and passed on the torch
Expecting us not to drop it and becoming scorched
I was born in Mississauga but raised in Brampton
Shoutout to Cherrytree, Fletcher’s Creek, and Turner Fenton
The darkness surrounds me but provides security
Seen people with good in their hearts but far from purity
I sit in silence as the wind questions my existence
I want purpose but it won’t be found on the path of least resistance
I’m looking for a sign that’ll tell me it’s gonna be alright
I’ll hang in there because I don’t go down without a fight
I have spoken my mind and written these rhymes
I pray I find my way before there is no more time