My mother and father are incredible
Their ambition and character is impeccable
They made sacrifices when they came here
Left everything behind without showing fear
My parents understood hard work since day one
Had to pay their bills so there wasn’t much time for fun
They saved up enough to buy a nice house and a car
And gave me the best life possible, it was never subpar
My parents taught me all of my values, morals, and manners
But if they’re ever disrespected, I’ll get enraged and come at you like Bruce Banner

Growing up, my parents provided me with endless joy and valuable information
Encouraging me to become a genuine human being was their aspiration
My dad always made time for me and took the family out on vacations
Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Havana, and so many other locations
My dad taught me how to ride a bike, use tools, and work with technology
Gave me important lessons on how to stay focused and live a life with honesty
My mom always listened to my demands and bought me video games and toys
She took me to my soccer games and the movies, I was a handful as a little boy
My mom helped me with my homework and helped me find my first job
She took me to India to meet my grandfather and showed me my roots in Punjab

My parents never raised their voice and never raised their hand
But they perfectly raised me into the man that I stand
I am forever indebted to my parents and their generosity
They pushed me to my potential and helped spark my curiosity
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but I was always forgiven
My parents are there for me no matter what, that’s a given
I couldn’t have made it this far without their support and guidance
I am grateful to walk alongside such giants who broadened my horizons
Living up to their greatness is something that l will continue to try
I will thank my parents and love my parents until the day that I die