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A Dark Place

Do you know what it feels like when your mind is in a dark place? You were competing against life but you just lost the race Once on top of the world and felt like a superhero But you came... Continue Reading →

My Parents

My mother and father are incredible Their ambition and character is impeccable They made sacrifices when they came here Left everything behind without showing fear My parents understood hard work since day one Had to pay their bills so there... Continue Reading →


I've been absent for a minute, had to take a break I had to find myself, had to get rid of the fakes A lot is going on but the future seems blurry No time to wait because everyone's in... Continue Reading →


What type of person are you? Pick your shot.   Are you the type to go all in for that number one spot? Putting in the time and practice behind every basketball shot? Are you the type to talk behind... Continue Reading →


Don’t worry about others’ perceptions and be proud of the way you look Be proud of your body, its imperfections, and all of the chances you took Don’t fret about all the spots on your face, the freckles, or the... Continue Reading →

The Old Tree

The old tree out in the park is dying It has lived a long life and it’s not multiplying It has witnessed kids climbing and kids crying Cars passing by and planes flying Put up a fight for years and... Continue Reading →

What is Beauty?

Beauty is the way she gazes with her captivating eyes That gaze will enslave my mind until the day I die Beauty is the way she listens so patiently and gracefully The way she listens makes me commit to her so... Continue Reading →


What's your reason to be nervous? You don't know how to draw art or spit verses? Don't like your job and can't afford luxury purses? Lack confidence so you cover it up with curses? Afraid of losing a fight and... Continue Reading →

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