What’s your reason to be nervous?
You don’t know how to draw art or spit verses?
Don’t like your job and can’t afford luxury purses?
Lack confidence so you cover it up with curses?
Afraid of losing a fight and getting stitched up by nurses?
Or do you fear for your loved ones being put into hearses?

Everyone reading this is special in their own way
You all have a voice to share and something to say
Don’t listen to the negativity and keep it at bay
Don’t lust for revenge and make someone pay
Because a dark night is followed by a bright day
And in the end, everything will always be okay

We live in a crazy world, it’s just one big circus
We’re all gentle on the inside but act hard on the surface
Our emotions take over and we get heated like a furnace
Just don’t forget to keep your head up and fulfill your purpose
If you ever need someone to talk to, I am at your service
So trust me when I say, you have no reason to be nervous

I am a huge admirer of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign that took place last week and repeats every year in Canada. They raised over 6 million dollars to help increase awareness about mental health and create a country that’s stigma-free. Mental illness and mental health are important issues that are often overlooked in society. Many people like to think about their own happiness and satisfaction but don’t like to understand anyone else’s situation.

Why does he always have that depressed look on his face? Lighten up already.
Why does she sit alone at lunch and not talk to anyone? She’s so anti-social.
He’s so spoiled by his parents and has everything, he shouldn’t have a reason to be depressed.
She should be thankful for what she has and not complain so much.

The stigma behind mental health is real and it needs to be destroyed. We are all equal human beings and need to look out for each other. Stress, depression, and anxiety is all around us and can affect anyone at any time, no matter their age, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, wealth, education, or social status. There are lots of telephone numbers you can contact for assistance, but some people are still intimidated because they don’t want to communicate their problems to a complete stranger. Therefore, the best possible thing we can all do is communicate with each other. If you have a friend who seems to be down in the dumps lately, simply ask them what’s wrong and have a conversation with them. It’s that easy. Having a conversation can save a life.

I once had a good friend from middle school named Prashant Tiwari. During the summer after completing my second year of university, I coincidentally reunited with him one day inside of our local gym. I hadn’t seen him in a long time so we caught up about school, work, and life in general after high school. It felt great seeing him again and we picked up right where we left off. A few days later, I saw on the news that he had hanged himself inside of the hospital he was admitted at. I felt heartbroken and to this day, I still wish I had talked to him just a bit longer. I wish I had just simply asked him, “Is everything okay?” Every time I step foot inside that gym, I am reminded that I should’ve spoken up more and said something to him that could’ve possibly changed his mind. It’s the sad reality we live in and it just goes to show that anything can happen to anyone at anytime.

So to end off, take mental health seriously and treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. Destroy stigmatization and provide help to those who need it. Educate yourselves about the matter and communicate openly. Be kind to everyone, try to understand their situation, and don’t be judgmental. You’ll never truly know what a person is going through until you ask them.

If anyone reading this ever needs someone to talk to, don’t be nervous and please reach out to me.